Dental Implants

Aloha Dental Can Transform Smiles through Implant Restorations

Aloha Dental is proud to use advanced technology in placing healthy and long-lasting implant restorations for every patient. Using the latest in restoration and image technology, Aloha Dental can place cosmetically appealing implant restorations that can last for years or even decades.

Dental implant restorations help patients in improving their smiles and maintaining healthy teeth function.

They’re not only designed to address numerous oral health issues, but they’re also great in boosting self-esteem. If you have missing teeth, you’re likely to experience difficulty in speaking or eating. Visit Aloha Dental today to receive the dental implant restorations that you need.

Implant restorations act like natural teeth allowing you to maintain healthy jaw bone density.

Perfect Way to Replace Natural Tooth

Dental implants are the ideal replacement for natural teeth. They not only restore the healthy function of your teeth but they can also help you in achieving the smile of your dreams.

Not every patient is a candidate for the placement of dental implants. Patients receive a comprehensive evaluation to ensure that dental implants are ideal for them.

A thorough evaluation from a dentist is necessary due to the fact that your gums can reject dental implants.

Gaining Back Confidence

At Aloha Dental, we ensure that our patients feel comfortable when they smile.

Dental implants require a thorough analysis and accurate execution to ensure patients obtain fantastic results.

The technicalities of the dental implant procedure are vital to its success; you should only have it done by a licensed professional with proven experience in this area.

Our dentists at Aloha Dental underwent years of studies and training to ensure they could provide the best smile for their patients.

No one should feel ashamed of how their mouth looks when they smile. Gain back control of your self-image by undergoing dental implant restorations at Aloha Dental.

Pros and Cons

As mentioned earlier, this procedure isn’t for everyone. Dental implant restorations are costly. It’s a surgical procedure.

Dental implants can mimic the look of your natural teeth. However, some pros and cons that is associated with dental implants.

One of its pros is that they work best when you lost two or more teeth. Furthermore, they’re ideal if your adjacent teeth don’t have filling or restoration.

Dental implants improve your bite and chewing functions. Cosmetically, they can enhance your smile as they replace your missing teeth. They also support your cheeks and lip.

Unfortunately, some patients reject the implant. The procedure can take up to six months before knowing whether or not your gums rejected the implants. If your bone’s height and width are insufficient for this procedure, additional surgeries may be needed. Nevertheless, dental implant restorations are the best method to restore your smile and oral function. If you’re considering it, consult with a dental implant expert.

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