Tooth Colored Fillings

Why Patients Opt For Tooth-Colored Fillings?

Tooth decay is a common dental issue; dental fillings can restore tooth structure after the complete removal of tooth decay. Your dentist places this filling to improve not only the appearance of your smile, but also your bite functionality, strength and overall dental health.

In recent years, more and more dentists prefer to use tooth-colored dental fillings to restore their patients’ teeth.

But what are dental fillings?

They are dental restorations to treat cavities or caries. In the past, dentists used metal amalgam but because of their cons and health concerns, tooth-colored materials are more preferred these days.

Problems with Metal Dental Fillings

The most apparent reason patients choose tooth-colored fillings is that metal dental fillings are easily noticeable. If you’re conscious about your teeth and how they look when you smile, then the metal option isn’t an ideal.

Another issue is its associated dental health problem. The most commonly used material in the past contained mercury, which is known to be highly toxic.

Metal amalgam fillings could change slightly in extreme temperatures. It expands or contracts, thus over time teeth may be strained and damaged.

At Aloha Dental we’re concerned about our patients’ health and appearance. Hence, we only choose the best material for them.

Why tooth-colored fillings are better?

They’re more superior to metal filings regarding dental aesthetics. The reason for this is that they easily blend well with your tooth’s natural structure. When placed, they’re indistinguishable from the natural structure of your tooth, making them unnoticeable.

They also don’t contain toxic mercury materials making them safer than metal fillings.

Furthermore, they require less removal of tooth structure, the more tooth structure you can keep the better it is for your overall oral health. Once tooth structure is lost or removed it may not be gained, only replaced by restorative materials.

Tooth colored dental fillings make your teeth look pristine and help bring back your confidence. Not only that, they can restore the beauty of your teeth and make sure they’re cavity-free.

They can also replace any old metal fillings strengthening your treated teeth as they’re bonded to your teeth.

Since they can be custom-shaded, they can easily match your adjacent teeth. As a result, they are barely noticeable. People won’t notice that you have had dental fillings placed in your mouth.

Apart from these benefits, tooth-colored fillings are also a better option than a metal filling because they don’t discolor. Silver amalgam for instance, changes the teeth’s color. It can change from gray to dark gray. Tooth-colored filling won’t cause teeth discoloration. Plus, they’re durable.


If you don’t like tooth-colored fillings, you may wish to restore your smile by opting for dental crowns. They can restore not just the look of your teeth but also their function. Apart from dental crowns, porcelain veneers and dental bonding are also great for improving your smile and oral health.

Aloha Dental offers different fillings to restore your teeth’s function. Call us today to schedule an appointment