Tooth Straightening

Tooth straightening is a common cosmetic and functional procedure at Aloha Dental. Most of our patients come to our office for help to straighten their crooked teeth.

Orthodontic procedures are popular treatment because it can make a significant difference to wearer’s smile.

The treatment can take years before achieving final best results. However, there are options to make it quicker.

One of the more immediate options is accelerated orthodontic. It’s a form of treatment that aims to provide you a straightened set of teeth in a short period of time. This is ideal for adults with a busy lifestyle as it can provide the results in months, instead of years.

Accelerated tooth straightening requires you to wear a set of retainers for six months after achieving the straightened results. This is to ensure that the bone recovers and the teeth’s new positions are stable.

During the time of wearing the retainers, you’ll have to be very particular about your oral hygiene. Our dentists at Aloha Dental will prescribe an anti-cavity rinse that can deliver fluoride to your teeth to ensure that they’re protected against dental cavities.

Are you a good candidate?

Candidates for this treatment must have all permanent teeth present. They must also have healthy bone structure. Our dentists will evaluate you and let you know whether or not you’re a good candidate.

The selection involves assessing your oral and facial functions. We’ll also take photos of your face and your mouth. We may request dental x-rays to further help in assessing your case and determining your bite.

Other options would include traditional braces and Invisalign.

Why would you want to undergo tooth straightening?

Having a set of straight teeth can improve the overall health of your mouth, body, and mind.  Crooked teeth would include increasing population of harmful bacteria in the mouth, thereby, causing many dental health issues. Other dental problems would also arise, such as weakened tooth enamel, low self-esteem, and several others.

With a set of straight teeth you can have healthier gums. Keep in mind that having crowded teeth in your mouth could cause inflammation or redness of the gums as they direct food toward impaction and are harder to keep clean. This issue may be remedied by straightening your teeth to make sure your gums fit more securely around your teeth. Essentially, it creates defenses against gum problems.

Another advantage of straight teeth is that it makes it easier for you clean your teeth than when you still have crooked teeth. The reason for this is that crowded or crooked teeth make it difficult for your toothbrush to reach some areas. It’s also more difficult to floss due to difficulty cleaning, plaque can build-up and lead to tooth decay.

Another reason you may opt to undergo tooth straightening treatment is that crowded teeth cause teeth to jut out causing abnormal tooth wear. In any accident, crowded teeth are more likely to get fractured.

Talk to one of our cosmetic dentists today to know your tooth straightening options that best suit your needs.