When Will Dentists Recommend Invisalign?

Invisalign works like dental braces as they’re designed for teeth straightening. They not only enhance your smile, but they can also improve the function of your teeth.

These plastic trays are BPA-free and introduced in 2000. Like dental retainers, you must wear them every day, and your dentist will modify them every two weeks.

Although they work like conventional braces they’re invisible due to the fact that they are made out of a clear plastic material.

They’re perfect for adults who don’t want to deal with the discomfort associated with traditional braces. Since they’re not as painful as braces, most adults opt for them.

Even though they’re similar to braces in that they have a teeth straightening function, you can remove them when eating or brushing your teeth.

Keep in mind that you must visit your dentist periodically for adjustments. At Aloha Dental, we require our patients to visit us as recommended to evaluate the progress of their teeth alignment.

Our dentists at Aloha Dental are known as elite cosmetic dentists because of their extensive training and years of experience in this area and provide many treatment options to restore your teeth.

They follow a broader approach to ensure that they can provide best results in straightening their patients’ teeth or enhancing their smile.

Are you an ideal candidate for this option?

Invisalign requires commitment because you need to wear these trays for 22 hours each day. You’ll never obtain the best results if you don’t wear them as required.

If you are unable to commit to wearing them you may consider exploring other treatment options.

If you can commit, our dentists will examine your mouth, teeth, and bite and request dental x-rays to determine whether or not you would benefit from this treatment option.

Aloha Dental uses computer imaging technology to establish the right treatment plan for our patients. Patients who require surgical intervention for orthodontic treatment cannot use Invisalign treatment to remedy their orthodontic needs.

Our dentists wouldn’t recommend this option without performing a comprehensive examination for their patients. Like standard orthodontic treatment, any signs of cavities or infections must be corrected before you begin Invisalign treatment. The reason for this is that cavities and infections will worsen under orthodontic treatment and in some cases be propelled or go undetected.

If Invisalign could help enhance your smile or improve your oral health, then our dentists would begin treatment by sending an impression of your mouth and teeth to our laboratory to create a customized set of aligners. Every aligner must be worn for two weeks. Although the aligners look very much so like teeth whitening trays, they don’t work the same as tooth-whitening trays.

Every time you use a new set of aligners, you’ll experience a mild discomfort. The discomfort is slight when compared to the soreness caused by metal or traditional braces. You may also experience issues with talking or speaking. This is not permanent, and as you practice reading out loud or talking while wearing your trays, you will notice that with time you will speak just fine.

How much does it cost?

Invisalign could be costly but the cost is determined by the length of treatment time needed which is specific to individual needs. As for the dental insurance coverage, providers may cover this treatment if they cover dental braces.

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