Porcelain Inlays

When To Choose Porcelain Inlays?

Our dentists at Aloha Dental are experts in porcelain inlays. They have completed many inlay and on lay dental restorations.

Porcelain inlays are indirect fillings that recreate tooth anatomy and function. They are called indirect restorations of your tooth because they are crafted in the dental laboratory.  Dentists used them in some instances to restore tooth function after complete removal of the tooth decay.

They can be fabricated using porcelain or composite resin; you can even opt for gold material. Regardless of the material you wish to use for fabrication, inlays can strengthen your teeth and replace any old damaged fillings.

The main benefit of porcelain inlays is that they offer a natural look and durable aesthetic. This is especially true when you compare them to metal fillings.

Apart from that, they’re also durable and they can last for decades. Their longevity depends on how well you maintain them. Compared with fillings, inlays can last three times longer. The reason for this is that they’re strong and resistant.

They’re a great tooth restoration option on teeth with large metal fillings. A large portion of amalgam fillings have been found to have decay under the fillings. Unfortunately, the decay isn’t noticeable through dental x-rays. Leakage of old filling is one of the reasons recurrent cavities occur. This leaking could be composite or amalgam.

Before choosing to apply porcelain inlays, a complete oral evaluation is conducted. The next step is to remove decay. Then the impression of your teeth is taken and delivered to the ceramic laboratory. From there, the fabrication of your inlays starts.

Inlay placement, it can take up to two visits to complete. The initial visit requires a dentist to take impressions of the affected tooth. Your dentist may place a temporary inlay on the tooth.

At your second visit, your dentist will remove the temporary inlay and replace it with the permanent one.

Once in place, porcelain inlays bond to the tooth securely. They can reduce the risk of any bacteria forming on the restored tooth. This will help prevent the formation of reoccurring cavities.

When to choose porcelain inlays?

They’re the ideal restoration option if you have cracked or injured teeth above the gum line. Our dentists at Aloha Dental use porcelain inlays in treating cracked teeth that don’t extend under the gums.

At Aloha Dental, we have our own master ceramists who fabricate our patients’ inlays and onlays. To Aloha it is important that the ceramists have years of experience to ensure that the inlays are as they need be.

Our dentists and ceramists communicate to create a masterpiece.

As for the cost, porcelain inlays it really depends on your case. The overall cost varies depending on the severity of the restoration.

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