Intraoral Cameras

Intraoral Cameras Create More Informed Patient Experiences

There’s a new trend in photography, Aloha Dental is making it available to all patients.

Intraoral cameras aren’t actually new. They’ve been around for more than two decades. The advancement in dental technology makes it a standard in dental practice.

It’s simple dental equipment that allows patients to change their views about dentistry.

Before, patients had no choice but to trust their dentists to describe their dental issues.

Nowadays, however, dentists could take photos of their conditions and patients could see their teeth images on a computer screen. With this technology, dentists will have a better way to educate their patients on their individual dental issues.

This technology allows patients to evaluate their oral health as they view their current gum health and existing restorations, as well as dental cavities that can’t be seen by the naked eye.

When combining dental x-rays with these cameras, patients will be more informed about their dental treatment.

With intraoral cameras, dentists can share the before and after photos of their patients treatment after it’s performed. This will allow for them to see improvements in their dental health after completing the procedures.

The photos could also educate patients about the treatment completed by their previous dentists.

At Aloha Dental, we’re using intraoral cameras to help us work with patients in diagnosing their dental condition. Although it takes a lot longer to examine their condition using these cameras, patients appreciate it because they can now fully understand their dental and oral health.

Aloha Dental office wants to provide patients with the ultimate experience. This experience starts with the latest technology that we’re using.

But how do intraoral cameras work?

It’s handheld with bright light source and HD camera which looks much like a writing pen.

When it moves around inside of your mouth, it allows the dentist to see detailed images of the teeth surfaces. Your dentist will capture close-up photos of your teeth and display them on a monitor. You’ll be able to see them while sitting in the dental chair.

The intraoral camera will not cause pain or discomfort while inside of your mouth. They are useful in helping dentists see any corroded fillings, decay, and even hairline fractures.

As dentists share the images with their patients, they’ll understand why a particular treatment may be necessary to achieve better oral health.

This type of technology is another way for Aloha Dental to ensure that our patients will have a healthy smile that they can enjoy for a lifetime.

Overall, intraoral cameras allow patients to see what their dentists see when they investigate their teeth. If patients need another opinion from another dentist, they can take a photo and show it to the other dentist for a second opinion.

They’re also useful in tracking the dental records of patients. Because images are stored on the patient’s dental record, dentists can compare images whenever necessary. As a result, they can easily track any erosion or staining as well as changes to teeth and restorations.

If you wish to know more about your dental condition, choose to have your condition diagnosed using intraoral cameras offered by Aloha Dental.